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Whether you're a first time tenant, or moving between properties, we are here to assist you on your rental journey.

Report maintenance

Before renting a property from Smartrent you will need to fill out a tenancy application. A button to this form can be found attached to all our current properties. Click on the button below to view a list of our current rentals.

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Steps to taking on a lease
  • Once you have signed your tenancy agreement and all ingoing payments are received you will then be given a time and day to collect keys onsite.
  • Two weeks rent in advance is required at the start of your tenancy. This does not mean at the end of your tenancy you will have a two week in advance amount credited. It means you are paid for the first two weeks of your tenancy from your start date and rent is due in two weeks time.
  • Four weeks bond is required at the start of your tenancy. This will be lodged along with your signed lodgement form and you will receive an email receipt from the bond administration for your records.
  • The signed tenancy agreement and clauses must be completely signed and returned prior to taking lease and handing over of the keys.
  • An ingoing report will be emailed to you on the day of your new tenancy. This is to be amended, signed and returned within 7days of receiving the report. This will be record of the condition of the property prior to you shifting in and will be used as record once you vacate.
  • Please ensure you connect the electricity into your name for the property for the day of your tenancy lease start date. If you do not do so and the power is disconnected you will be liable for your power reconnection cost.
  • Please introduce yourself and your family or occupants of the property to the neighbours.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Steps to vacating your property

Discuss with your property manager first if circumstances have changed and you are looking to move. We maybe able to help you find a more suitable home if you are looking to change suburbs for schooling, needing something larger or downsizing.

  • If you wish to vacate and are in a Periodic tenancy then 28 days notice in writing is required.
  • If you are in a fixed lease 28 days minimum notice prior to the end of your fixed term tenancy is required.
  • Once we have received the correct required notification to vacate we will send you a vacating notification email with details or requirements for vacating the premises.
  • Rent will need to be paid in full up until you hand over the possession and keys to the property.
  • A final water read will be conducted.
  • A final vacate inspection will be scheduled and completed once you are fully vacated.


A few key tips to conditions expected in the vacate package email

  1. Please ensure all cleaning is completed as per the cleaning checklist
  2. Oven is cleaned and shower drains cleaned and left open.
  3. Please ensure all repairs are completed, all lightbulbs are working including the light in the range hood.
  4. Please ensure lawns are mowed, edged and gardens weeded. Prior to your final inspection.
  5. Recommend carpet cleaning
  6. Please ensure all council bins are emptied and cleaned
  7. Take a final water read photo the day you hand over keys and forward to your property manager.
Breaking a fixed lease
  • If you are thinking about breaking a fixed lease tenancy there is a couple of things to consider to help you with your decision.
  • Recommended you read your tenancy agreement first.
  • Discuss with your property manager if your circumstances have changed and you are looking to move.
  • A letter of application with the intention to break lease is needed in writing.
  • The application to break lease will then be put forward to the owner to make a final decision whether they agree to release you early or not.
  • If the owner agrees to release you early. Be clearly aware that you will be required to pay rent up until the day before a new tenant takes lease.
  • Be clearly aware that you will also be required to pay all costs initiated in association in regards to sourcing a new tenant to take lease of the property this is written in your tenancy agreement. This cost associated may include for example advertising, viewings, credit checks, travel, and administration.

Emergency maintenance and after hours care
  • If you have an emergency such as a flood or no electricity please contact your property manager right away via text message and phone call.  
  • If you do find a leak that is substantial in the property and is more than a bucket full to catch please turn off the main water tap at the water mains and contact your property right away.
  • In regards to no electricity please contact your electricity provider first and check the Power co website online to see if there is a power outage locally. Again please inform you property manager right away.
  • If you have no hot water at your property, please be clear to advise if the water is running cold or luke warm as this will make a difference in regards to the right tradesman to attend the property first. Please contact your property manager right away.
  • If it is a life threatening emergency please call 111
Maintenance procedure
  • Air Conditioner - Check power and fuse boxes and ensure filters are clean
  • Lights - Check power or fuse box, ensure the power is on and the switch has not been tripped. If the problem persists, please contact your Property Manager.
  • Leaking Toilet - Please check the flush button isn’t jammed. If the issue persists please contact your property manager.
  • Hot Plates - Check if power is connected or check power box for a tripped switch or blown     fuse. If all appears to be in order please contact your property manager.
  • Faulty Switches and Fans - if you find a faulty switch or fan DO NOT attempt to fix faulty switches and fans yourself, DO NOT use the switches and contact your property manager right away.
  • Plumbing Leaks - The most common of leaks is in the tapware of the kitchen, bathroom or laundry  Please contact your property manager to inform them right away.
  • Power -If you have lost power to switches or appliances please check first if you have a Safety Switch which may have been tripped, if so, reset the switch. If it trips again, unplug all the appliances from power points, reset safety switch and plug in each appliance one at a time until the faulty appliance is located. If this does not rectify the problem please contact     your property manager right away. Tenants will be required to pay for callouts where a faulty appliance belonging to the tenant has caused the problem.
  • Shower/Bath filling with water - Clean water outlet of hair and soap build up which can block water drainage. Do this regularly to avoid any blockages.
General Repairs

All general maintenance must be reported in writing and emailed to

We want your rental experience to be a great one here are some useful tips to make it run smoothly

Communication is key

Feel free to call text or email with any queries, no question is a dumb question and I am here to help.

Rent payments
  • Pay rent on time and in advance.
  • Ensure you set up and automatic payment schedule or return the signed document and I will lodge it for you with your bank to ensure funds come out of your account prior to the due date.
  • Please remember rent in advance means pay before you stay.
Look after the property as if it was your own
  • Present the home as if it was your own.
  • Lawns and gardens upkeep makes a world of difference for the property. So regular mows, edging and weeding is highly required.
  • Keep on top of spring cleaning and those odd jobs that get forgotten about.
  • Tip : Clean the shower glass with the squeegee Smartrent has provided you after every use. This will keep the water grime build up to a minimum.
  • Tip : Ventilate and let the sunshine in. This will help with air flow throughout the property so you wont have moisture build up in the home.
  • Tip : Clean your oven and rangehood filters regularly to keep the grease build up to a minimum which actually makes it easier for the next clean.
  • Tip : Sweep and mop your hard floors regularly.
  • Tip: Be proud of you home as your home is your castle.

  • Ensure your visitors are respectful of the property
  • No noise after hours and be respectful of the neighbours. Remember you’re the one that lives there when visitors leave.
  • Make sure your visitors don't park on the property lawn or any neighbouring lawns or obstruct a shared driveway.

As the tenant we want you to enjoy living in the home. You have the right to quiet, peace and enjoyment.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me fora chat to discuss as I am more than happy to help. My job is to make sure you we are taking care of you and your taking care of the property.